Understanding Big Data

There is an immense amount of data available on almost any topic imaginable. The following articles demonstrate the importance this flood of data is having on businesses and the need to correctly analyze the information.

Tapping the power of data

Big data is transforming how companies look at their customers. It is also changing how they approach human resources, product development, and operations.
Read the Wall Street Journal article How big data is changing the whole equation for business.

The explosion of digital information

Kenneth Cukier, one of the authors of Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think, discusses how data can help detect the spread of flu and find criminals.
See the NPR article The ‘big data’ revolution: how number crunchers can predict our lives.

Improving marketing with big data

In order to stay competitive, marketers need to overcome technology barriers and develop a data strategy to deliver results.
See the Forbes article What can marketers do to manage and leverage big data?.

Program on data visualization

Learn how to understand and analyze massive amounts of data in Data Visualization: Conveying Information through Visual Representations this June.

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