Creativity in Business: Strategies and Techniques

March 18–19, 2015


2015: $2,600.

Two-day seminar on enhancing personal and organizational creativity

Creativity is among the key skills needed to address today’s most pressing business challenges, yet few people know much about it. While seemingly shrouded in mystery, creativity is actually a process and a learnable skill, and just understanding and paying attention to creativity can enhance it.

This program explores the creative process, debunks some of the myths surrounding creativity, and introduces a series of tools and exercises to spark inspiration and innovation. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, examples, and exercises, participants begin to understand the creative process and how to utilize various tools and techniques to enhance both personal and organizational creativity.

What you will learn

  • The importance of creative thinking in your personal and professional endeavors
  • Understanding and overcoming barriers to creativity
  • Techniques for enhancing creativity (e.g., observation, quieting the internal critic, generating ideas, convergent and divergent thinking)
  • Applying tools and techniques to real problems, challenges, and opportunities
  • Strategies for enhancing creativity in others (and how to avoid inhibiting it)

Topics covered

  • The creative process
  • Creativity tools and techniques
  • Discovering creative strengths—yours and others
  • Resilience and working through setbacks
  • Fostering creativity in others

Who should enroll

This program is for individuals from any industry who are interested in acquiring tools and techniques for enhancing creativity in their personal and/or professional life, as well as those responsible for managing others in settings and situations where creative problem solving may lead to improved performance.


Anne Manning

Anne Manning

Anne Manning is a founding partner of Drumcircle, an insights and innovation firm, and an Innovation Fellow with She brings over 25 years experience working with senior executives at Fortune 500 firms, providing counsel in strategy, marketing insights, communications, innovation, and creativity. Much of her work has focused on infusing marketing and communications planning with an empathetically-based customer focus that results in long-term brand commitment and loyalty.

Manning is also an experienced and successful facilitator, who integrates the tools and techniques of creative problem solving and design-thinking tools and techniques into her engagements. She also teaches at Harvard Extension School.

Manning’s current research and project work focuses on the application of creative thinking processes to solve organizational challenges, with the goal of infusing market planning with innovative thinking. She has also developed and led training and development sessions in creative thinking, innovation and insight-development.

She earned an MSc degree at the internationally recognized Center for Creativity and Change Leadership at Buffalo State College. As a recent voyager on Semester at Sea, she traveled the world and worked with George Kembel, the founder of Stanford’s She also worked with students and established social entrepreneurs who are tackling complex global challenges, like the need for clean water, education, and safety in third world countries.

Prior to Drumcircle, Manning was a founding partner at Sherbrooke Partners, a boutique management consultancy focused on strategy and leadership development and a founding partner at Manning + Associates, a successful market research firm. She started her career working in account management at leading ad agencies in New York and Boston.


March 18–19 registration opening soon.