Strategy and Competition in Higher Education

Dates to be announced

Two-day seminar exploring the changing nature of the higher education market

The higher education “industry” is in the midst of significant, dynamic change. A multitude of factors—the proliferation of programs, increasing costs, shrinking budgets, growth of online education and MOOCs, explosion of educational content, rise of new competitors, and the advent of new business models—have combined to fundamentally alter the competitive terrain for colleges and universities, and the organizations that work with them. 

This program explores how historical context, societal and market forces, globalization, and technology have played a role in shaping the market for higher education and created a variety of threats and opportunities for incumbents and new entrants alike. Through a combination of presentations, exercises, and discussion, we utilize a variety of strategic tools to assess the market for higher education, look at how various organizations are positioned within the market, discover what organizations can do to increase their likelihood of success, and discuss the implications for individuals, organizations, and society as the higher education market continues to evolve. 

What you will learn

  • An overview of societal trends and market forces impacting the higher education market
  • Tools for assessing the dynamic nature of the higher education market
  • Strategies for applying the analysis and tools to better position your organization within the evolving market

Topics covered

  • Ongoing and emerging trends in higher education, including the growth of MOOCs
  • Market forces and competitive advantage
  • Innovation in higher education—from both traditional universities and new entrants
  • US higher education in a global context
  • Scenarios for the future of higher education

Who should enroll

This program is for those interested in the higher education industry, including those from traditional colleges and universities, in markets adjacent to higher education, and those thinking of starting a new business in the higher education space.