Leadership and Management Programs

Outstanding business leaders are strategic decision makers. They have the self-discipline to manage themselves, the self-confidence to motivate teams, and the self-awareness to realize their true leadership potential. The Harvard Division of Continuing Education offers a portfolio of programs that can help you lead organizational change, foster a culture of creative thinking, and contribute to your company’s success. 

Each offering delves into the latest management theories and leadership best practices to help you master complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Through hands-on exercises, interactive lectures, and dynamic discussions, you’ll learn how to maximize team productivity, drive breakthrough innovation, and secure a competitive edge for your company. 

Upcoming leadership and management programs

Strategic Leadership

Strategic LeadershipAugust 22August 23,Cambridge, MA 2016
Strategic LeadershipSeptember 28September 29,Cambridge, MA 2016

Managing Yourself and Leading Others

Managing Yourself and Leading OthersSeptember 12September 13,Cambridge, MA 2016
Managing Yourself and Leading OthersNovember 14November 15,Cambridge, MA 2016

Building More Effective Teams

Building More Effective TeamsOctober 19October 20,Cambridge, MA 2016

Creative Thinking: Innovative Solutions to Complex Challenges

Creative Thinking: Innovative Solutions to Complex ChallengesOctober 24October 25,Cambridge, MA 2016

Leadership Coaching Strategies

Leadership Coaching StrategiesNovember 9November 10,Cambridge, MA 2016

Growth Strategies: Identifying Opportunities in Market Trends

Essential Management Skills for Emerging Leaders

August 1—October 31, 2016
January 9—March 31, 2017